Online registration has started at and is open until 12:00 wednesday, July 15 and because of COVID it is not possible to register after that

On Saturday morning we will also be taking new registrations, as well as handing out bibs and chips, in a tent outside the sports hall in Þingeyri.

This 55 km course is one of the most scenic ones you can find. It is, however, also very challenging.

The start is in front of the church in the village Þingeyri. The first two km are on a paved surface, behind a control vehicle. As you come past the airport outside Þingeyri the control vehicle will yield and you will find yourself on a gravel/mud trail that takes you through the narrow valley Kirkjubólsdalur. At the end of the valley you come to the biggest climb of the day, which takes you up to 550 m altitude. At the highest point you will go through a mountain pass right under the highest peak in the Westfjords area, Kaldbakur. Note that it is not impossible that you might have to walk the bike through some patches of snow close to the highest point. The following descend must be navigated with care as the trail is rough and winding. When you come down to sea level again, you follow the trail by the shore of the fjord Arnarfjörður all the way to the very tip of the peninsula where you enter the fjord Dýrafjörður again and set your aim for the finish in Þingeyri .

We want to stress that the surface of this trail is very rough and it is not uncommon to suffer falls and/or punctured tires. So, please bring some extra tubes by all means. The scenery on the way will, however, be a memorable reward for all your effort.

Members of the local Search and Rescue Services will be driving behind the last bikers. Therefore, in case of any accidents, they are usually not far away. Note that phone signal is poor or non-existent in large parts of this course.

The trail is open for jeeps and good 4WD vehicles. It is, therefore, likely that there will be some cars on the course although the traffic is usually very little. However, all participants must obey general traffic rules and conduct themselves in a manner that does not create hazards for themselves, other athletes, staff, spectators or drivers.

Feeding stations:

There are two self-service feeding stations on the way (drinks only). They are located at the highest point (in the pass under mt Kaldbakur), and out at the tip of the peninsula, not far from the Svalvogar lighthouse. Otherwise we strongly advise you to bring your own drinks and other energy/nutrition with you.