Online registration has started at and will be open until 12:00 wednesday, July 15. Because of COVID there is not possible to register after that.

Notice that you have to be 16 years (Born 2004 and before) old to participate in the open water swimming

 500 m
1500 m

The swimming competition starts by the shore next to the Maritime Museum in Ísafjörður.  Competitors swim out to a buoy on the fjord and back. The turnaround point is 250 meters from the shore, so people competing in the 500 m race swim one lap, but for the 1500 m you swim three laps.

The sea temperature in July is often around 7-9°C, although it can vary quite a lot. It is allowed (and recommended) to wear wetsuit, and most people do so, although there are usually a few tough nuts who brave the cold wearing just regular swimwear.

Members of the local Search and Rescue Services, along with members of the Ísafjörður kayak club, will be present for your security. Participation in this race, like all others, is still at your own responsibility.

All swimmers can use the showers at the kayak club after the race.

Price ceremony will be on race site immediately following the race.