The Runners´ Festival is an annual event in the Ísafjörður/Þingeyri area, offering a half-marathon run, 10 km run, wilderness run (45 km, 24 km and 10 km) plus open water swimming, mountain biking and a three-day triathlon.

The schedule for the 2021 edition of the Runners’ Festival is as follows:

Thursday, July 15

20:00  Skálavikur run (from Skálavik to Bolungarvik)

20:00 Skálavíkur bike (from Skálavík to Bolungarvik)

22:30 Prize ceremony in the swimmingpool in Bolungarvík (time could change)

Friday, July 16

16:00  Open-water swimming (sea): 500m and 1.500 m (Ísafjörður)

20:00  Arnarnes half marathon run (Súðavík to Ísafjörður)

21:00 Arnarnes 10 km run (Arnarnes to Ísafjörður)

22:15 Prize ceremony at Silfurtog, downtown in Isafjordur

Saturday, July 17

10:00  Vesturgatan – bike: 55 km mountain bike. Start and finish in Þingeyri
10:15 Family bike, 8 km. Start and finish in Þingeyri.
11:15  Fun-run for the whole family in Þingeyri,  4 km and 2 km

Sunday, July 18

8:00  Vesturgatan ultra, 45 km run
11:00 Vesturgatan original, 24 km run
12:45 Vesturgatan short, 10 km run

Note that the 500 m swim, 55 km bike and 24 km wilderness run count as a three-day triathlon competition (best combined time).