General registration will start at midnight on February 22 on Kindly note that it is our policy to keep the registration fees as low as possible, but that means we are unable to offer any refund. Registered athletes who are unable to come to the festival are allowed to sell their registrations, although no later than two weeks before the festival. For further details we encourage everyone to read our terms and conditions carefully before registering.

Running festival 2021

The Running festival will be held from 15th-18th of July and the registration will start at the end of January here on this page.

The Schedule has been updated so you can see when the events will take place


Running festival at Covid times

The Runners’ Festival 2020 will be held on the third weekend of July, as usual. However, due to Covid-19 we will have to make some alterations this year.  Note also that should there be a recurrence of the epidemic here in Iceland, further restrictions or even a cancellation will have to be considered.

Water stations
There will only be a minimum service at the water stations and we will only serve sports drinks and water. There will be no bananas or chocolate on the menu this year.

Glasses / cups
Participants in the wilderness runs Skálavíkurhlaup and Vesturgatan will have to carry their own glasses/drinking cups. This is to minimize the risk of infection but also due to environmental concerns. Many sports stores sell cups that are ideal for runners to carry.

To avoid last-minute crowds we cannot offer registration on the spot this year. Therefore it is vital that you use our online registration, which will be open until noon (Icelandic time) on Wednesday, July 15. This is also valid for the fun-run and the fun-bike.

Buses to start will be available (note: limited number of seats for Vesturgatan 24 km and 10 km). However, if participants prefer to avoid crowed buses they are allowed to go to the start by their own vehicles. This is valid for all distances except Vesturgatan 10 km, as that particular road is not safe enough for heavy traffic.

To minimize near-contact, prizes will be fewer than usual this year. There will be no medals for participation and there will be no age-group prizes. We will, however, still offer prices for the top-3 overall in all competitions. There will also be something waiting at the finish line for those who participate in the fun-run and the fun-bike.

If you need any information please contact us at,

The Runners´ Festival is an annual event in the Ísafjörður/Þingeyri area, offering a half-marathon run, 10 km run, wilderness run (45 km, 24 km and 10 km) plus open water swimming, mountain biking, Skálavíkurhlaup wich is 12 and 19 km wilderness run and a three-day triathlon. This year there will also be Skálavíkurhjólreiðar which will be held at the same time as the Skálavíkurhlaup.

The dates for 2020 are July 16-19th

For the full schedule and for details on each event, please use the bar above.

Registration is now open and the link is here on the right and here

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